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Huiyi Tan

Handmade Beading Tool

Handmade Beading Tool

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with handle or not

This is for the beading tool I made in my Youtube video.
I made this from a round bur.

You can see how I made it and used it in my youtube video here:

Shank Size: 3/32" (2.38mm) diameter

If you choose to have the beading tool itself, you will need to mount it onto a holder before using. Alternatively, you can choose the option "with handle", and it will be ready to use as I will mount it onto a handle for you.

You can use the tool I made as a sample when practising making yours. Or you can take the advantage of a ready to use tool and use it directly in your next jewellery making job. Either way, enjoy!

Note: in order to have the optimum result, all beading tools require repolishing from time to time.

For our behind the scenes:

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