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Rough Ruby Stud Earrings, Raw Ruby Ear Posts, Made to Order

Rough Ruby Stud Earrings, Raw Ruby Ear Posts, Made to Order

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pair of rubies

These rough ruby stud earrings will be made to order. The sample pair is sold. Please choose the pair of rubies from the 5th - 7th images for your unique pair of stud earrings. Each of them has its unique shape and beauty.

Materials: Natural rough ruby, sterling silver
Size of the studs: about 6.5 x 5 x 3mm (WxLxD)
Total weight of the ruby pair, refer to the 5th-7th images:
1a. 1.00ct
1b. 1.00ct
1c. 1.00ct
1d. 1.75ct
1e. 1.95ct
1f. 2.00ct
1g. 2.6ct
1h. 1.85ct
1i. 1.45ct
1j. 2.05ct
1k. 1.45ct
1l. 2.10ct
1m. 1.80ct
1n. 1.00ct - sold.
1o. 0.85ct - sold.
1p. 1.55ct
1q. 2.35ct
1r. 1.30ct
1s. 1.10ct
1t. 2.05ct
1u. 1.30ct
1v. 1.35ct - sold.
1w. 2.10ct
1x. 2.35ct

2a. 0.75ct
2b. 0.95ct - sold.
2c. 0.95ct
2d. 1.10ct
2e. 0.90ct
2f. 1.20ct
2g. 1.05ct
2h. 0.95ct
2i. 1.10ct
2j. 0.95ct
2k. 0.75ct
2l. 1.15ct
2m. 1.40ct - sold.
2n. 0.65ct - sold.
2o. 0.90ct
2p. 0.85ct
2q. 2.00ct
2r. 1.30ct
2s. 1.25ct
2t. 1.65ct
2u. 2.00ct - sold.
2v. 2.50ct
2w. 2.25ct
2x. 2.65ct
2y. 2.80ct
z. 2.15ct
2aa. 2.00ct
2bb. 2.60ct

3a. 1.20ct
3b. 1.70ct
3c. 1.40ct
3d. 1.35ct
3e. 1.45ct
3f. 1.25ct
3g. 1.05ct
3h. 1.10ct
3i. 0.95ct
3j. 1.35ct - sold.
3k. 1.20ct
3l. 1.10ct
3m. 1.00ct
3n. 0.90ct
3o. 0.70ct
3p. 0.95ct
3q. 1.00ct - sold.
3r. 1.00ct
3s. 1.15ct
3t. 1.10ct
3u. 1.55ct
3v. 1.15ct
3w. 1.20ct
3x. 1.30ct
3y. 1.80ct

Matching rough ruby ring and rough ruby necklace are also available.

Other materials and sizes are also available upon request.

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