• Which country is your jewellery despatched from:


  • Do you have a studio which I can come to visit?

    Our studio is not open to the public.
    To see how Huiyi works, please visit our YouTube channel at

    • Do you teach?

    Huiyi is not teaching in person at the moment. She has 5 online jewellery making classes with Huiyi narrating in the background. You can watch despite which country you are in:
    Silversmithing for Beginners: Making a Seasoning Spoon in Solid Silver
    Jewelry Making for Beginners: Making Color Pencil Jewelry at Home
    Silversmithing for Beginners: Making a Silver Coffee Scoop from Scrap
    Ring Making: Making A Chain Ring From Scrap
    Basic Gemstone Knowledge: Opal Triplet VS Opal Doublet VS Opal Solid