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Special Order for T

Special Order for T

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This is for 2 chains in solid 9ct yellow gold handmade in the UK.
Each solid 9k yellow gold chain comes with a clasp and is ready to wear.

Terms & conditions: These 2 chains will be made to customer's specification. By placing this order, the customer agrees these 2 chains are not refundable.

~All jump rings have been soldered/closed to enhance the strength of each chain.
~The clasp is included in the length of each chain.
~The pluses are extenders.
For instance, 13"+1" means there is a 1" extender at the end of a 13" chain. The entire chain measures 14" in this case.

Material: solid 9ct yellow gold (NOT goldfilled and NOT plated)
Chain #1: 
B: belcher fine (approx 0.75mm wide)
Length: 13"+1"
Price: £45

Chain #2:
Belcher 3mm wide
Length: 10"
Price: £200

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