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Curb Chain in 9ct Yellow Gold

Curb Chain in 9ct Yellow Gold

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Solid 9ct yellow gold curb chains in various widths and lengths. handmade in Cornwall, UK. Each solid 9k yellow gold chain comes with a clasp and is ready to wear.

~All jump rings have been soldered/closed to enhance the strength of each chain.
~The clasp is included in the length of each chain.
Material: solid 9ct yellow gold

Style: curb
a. 0.6mm wide
b. 0.7mm wide
c. 0.9mm wide
d. 1.2mm wide
e. 1.4mm wide
f. 1.3mm wide
g. 1.5mm wide
h. 1.9mm wide
i. 2.2mm wide

Custom chain lengths and extenders available on request.

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