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Freshwater Pearl Ring

Freshwater Pearl Ring

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This freshwater pearl ring is handmade at my studio in Cornwall, UK.

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Materials: freshwater pearl, solid sterling silver and fine silver
Diameter of the band: about 1.5 mm
Size of the pearls: W x H x D
a. 10x7x6 mm
b. 10x8x6 mm
c. 9x8x6 mm
d. 9x7x6 mm
e. 9x8x5 mm
f. 9x8x6 mm - sold.
g. 10x8x6 mm - sold.
h. 10x8x6 mm
i. 9x7x6 mm
j. 9x8x6 mm
k. 9x8x6 mm
l. 9x7x6 mm
m. 9x7x6 mm
n. 9x8x6 mm
o. 9x8x6 mm
p. 10x8x6 mm
q. 9x8x6 mm
r. 8x7x5 mm
s. 9x7x7 mm
t. 9x7x6 mm
u. 9x7x6 mm
v. 9x7x6 mm
w. 9x8x6 mm - sold.
x. 9x7x6 mm
y. 9x7x6 mm - sold.
z. 9x7x6 mm
1. 10x8x7 mm - sold.
2. 9x7x6 mm - sold.
3. 10x8x7 mm - sold.
4. 9x7x6 mm
5. 9x8x6 mm
6. 9x7x6 mm - sold.
7. 9x8x7 mm
8. 9x7x7 mm
9. 9x8x6 mm
10. 9x8x6 mm

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