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Huiyi Tan

Handmade Prong Pusher

Handmade Prong Pusher

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This is for one prong pusher which I made from a large setting bur.
This tool requires no maintenance.

You can see how I made it and used it in my youtube video here:

Shank Size: 3/32" (2.38mm) diameter

This is just for the pusher itself. To use it, you will have to mount it onto a GRS quick change holder, then put it onto a GRS quick change graver handle or any of the GRS handpiece. Alternatively, you can mount it onto any handle you prefer.

The pusher in the picture and in my videos is sold. I can make a new one for you. Please allow me 2 weeks to make before dispatch. It does take time to make.

For our behind the scenes:

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