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Labradorite Brooch Set in Black Sterling Silver

Labradorite Brooch Set in Black Sterling Silver

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This labradorite brooch is handmade at my studio in the UK and is ready to ship. it comes with a classic jewellery box and is ready to gift. Only one brooch is available.
The mysterious blue flash will catch your eye when you are rocking the brooch slowly.

Materials: labradorite, recycled sterling silver
Weight of the labradorite: 49.05ct
Size of the labradorite: 26x26x9mm (WxLxD)
Diameter of the brooch: 42mm
This brooch can be worn as a pendant. An adjustable chain is included. It can be worn as 20", 22" or 24".

Other materials and sizes are also available upon request.

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