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Small Tourmaline Ring in Sterling Silver

Small Tourmaline Ring in Sterling Silver

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Choice of Tourmaline

This tourmaline ring is handmade at my studio in Cornwall, UK. and comes with a jewellery tin box, ready to gift.

Please confirm your ring size at checkout.

This tourmaline ring is made to order.

Choice of the available tourmalines: lipstick pink, peacock green and peacock blue
Materials: natural tourmaline, and sterling silver
Diameter of the band: approx 1.5mm
Finish of the band: hammered effect
Size and weight of the tourmalines (refer to the 4th image):
a. 4.2x5.6x1.5mm, 0.3ct
b. 5.2x6.8x2.0mm, 0.6ct
c. 4.9x5.9x1.6mm, 0.35ct
d. 5.2x5.8x1.8mm, 0.45ct
e. 5.3x8.6x1.8mm, 0.65ct
f. 5.8x6.4x1.8mm, 0.55ct
g. 5.4x8.9x2.2mm, 0.85ct
h. 5.8x6.5x1.9mm, 0.60ct
i. 6.8x4.8x2.0mm, 0.50ct
j. 5.4x5.9x1.9mm, 0.50ct
k. 7.0x5.0x2.0mm, 0.55ct
l. 6.8x4.5x1.8mm, 0.45ct
m. 7.0x5.1x2.1mm, 0.65ct
n. 5.8x4.4x1.9mm, 0.50ct
o. 6.0x5.6x1.8mm, 0.50ct
p. 7.9x5.3x2.0mm, 0.75ct
q. 6.8x4.7x2.0mm, 0.60ct
r. 6.2x5.0x1.7mm, 0.60ct
s. 5.3x5.2x1.4mm, 0.55ct
t. 7.5x4.6x1.4mm, 0.50ct
u. 6.0x4.0x1.4mm, 0.35ct

Other materials are available upon request.

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