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Zipper Stud Earrings, Zipper Ear Posts

Zipper Stud Earrings, Zipper Ear Posts

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Primary colour

These zipper earrings are handmade at my studio in the UK.

Size: W9 x L27mm
Materials: zippers, and surgical steel
A. Mexican pink - sold.
B. French rose - sold.
C. baby pink
D. Puce - sold.
E. dark salmon
F. Coral
G. tea rose - sold.
H. Fandango - sold.
I. Lavender - sold.
J. Periwinkle - sold.
K. Marigold - sold.
L. Sunglow
M. Olive - sold.
N. Straw
O. Magic mint - sold.
P. Celeste - sold.
Q. baby blue - sold.
R. Robin egg blue - sold.
S. Egyptian blue - sold.
T. Payne's gray - sold.
U. Midnight blue (single stud) - sold.
V. Air Force blue (single stud) - sold.
W. Battleship gray (single stud) - sold.
X. Apricot (single stud)

Please notice, color U to color X are only available in single studs. All the other colors come in pairs.

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